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Psalm 69:9 (NIV) says this: “Zeal for your house consumes me”. In the New Century Version, that verse reads, “My strong love for your temple completely controls me”, and the New King James translates that last part as “has eaten me up”.

David describes his passion for God and God’s House VERY clearly in this verse, and the second half of that verse goes on to describe how he takes insults against God’s House personally. David’s love for God’s House was an extension and an expression of His love for God, that wasn’t based on the position to which God has brought him in life (richest in the land, king of all he saw, victorious in every battle) but on his relationship with God, knowing that God always had been, and would always continue to be, for him, even when he made terrible, selfish mistakes or had great successes.

That’s something that happens at heart level, not emotion/understanding level; and when it does, it consumes us completely and causes us to honour and desire the best for everything that God is and does, which right now is through His people, us, the church: His house.

Just like David, let our deepening relationship with God be expressed through love for His house – His people, and the expression of church to this community and this nation.

How consumed for God’s House are you?