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There are many ways that we can be responsive as a worship team.

First and foremost, we must be spiritually responsive to God’s voice – we must be listening to Him, have our ear tuned to His direction (and away from our own soulish ambition or opinion). We must be ready to respond to Him when He stirs something new in us. We must be ready to respond when He calls us back after we’ve wandered away in our own strength, or when He corrects an attitude or wayward thought. A responsive heart toward God is the foundation for being a leader. Our experience, knowledge and skill – no matter what level – will not enable us to ‘walk upon the water’, when God calls to us to do something we’ve never done before; only an open, ready and responsive heart will get us to step out of the boat.

Responsiveness is a heart issue, not based on a formula or rule book

We need to be responsive to our leaders – this is practical as well as spiritual, as leaders provide the spiritual covering and authority for a team, and being unresponsive to a leader pretty much puts you on the outside of that team. When we’re leading worship, the worship leader needs a responsive team behind them, ready to change the direction or dynamic of a song at a moment’s notice. To be responsive like that requires preparation on our part, learning and understanding the songs we use as well as listening and learning to follow the worship leader. When our leaders send out a challenge, our response should be to step up and take on that challenge. If something happens that you don’t like, how do you respond? Do you moan about or berate the leader (bad response) or do you approach and chat over the situation to reach a positive conclusion (good response)? Words are easy, it’s in our actions that our true response is shown.

We also need to be responsive to each other. We’ve said many times before that the strength of our teams is built on good relationships. Do we respond with grace and humility to each other? If we find ourselves in a difficult situation where things are going wrong or taking time to be dealt with, do we respond with patience or kick off? If we hear criticism or rumours, is our response to protect our team or to allow those negative words to continue? To respond in every situation with grace is a choice, because it’s far easier to respond with a sense of retribution or judgment. Things happen, people have off days (or are just generally off!), situations change – how we respond determines how strong our commitment to each other is, because a good response in difficult circumstances requires real faith and persistence and a determination to live by God’s kingdom principles, no matter how hard. Again, words are easy, actions reveal the true heart of responsiveness.

Responsiveness is a heart issue, not based on a formula or rule book. You can’t follow a laid-down guide to how you should respond – it comes from a heart that is set on God’s ways, set on seeking Him and serving His people.