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Worship Devotions


By Matt Lockwood

If you lead or pastor a worship team, or you’re involved in one either as a singer, musician or in tech support, then this collection of thoughts and articles is written just for you.

When Matt took over as Worship Pastor of Family Church, he established a new vision for the team – to carry God’s presence to His people, and to carry God’s people into His presence, through character and creativity. Having a vision is one thing, it’s another thing for people to actually understand it and run with it. So Matt used the weekly team emails to share a thought about how that vision could be worked out within the service and ministry of the team, writing about heart attitude, leadership, serving, character, responsibilities and expectations, practical issues, and much more. Worship Devotions is the collection of all of those thoughts, plus many other articles that Matt has written for his team and church (Family Church, Portsmouth) and for his blog at worshipteam101.com.

At over 300 pages, this book is packed with inspiring and thought-provoking devotions based not on style or denominational method, but on the Word of God, and over 25 years experience in leading worship and leading worship teams.

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What people are saying about Worship Devotions

This book goes beyond just good thoughts and ideas but carry’s the very heart of God. These bite-sized truths are transferable to whatever situation you are in and are genuine gems that will inspire and enrich you and your team. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Simon Triffitt, Worship Pastor, Life Church, Folkestone, UK

I have known Matt Lockwood for quite a number of years and I have to say, he is the real deal. His insatiable passion for Jesus, his love for the local church and love for ‘the team’ radiate from these writings. I know you will be encouraged and strengthened as you read these pages. This book is an insight into how you can build both a relevant and practical team and also a spiritually deep and alive team. It’s a challenge to remain consistent in doing both. Family Church is to be commended for its flourishing culture. Matt is faithfully committed to outworking ‘the vision’ alongside his Pastors, leaders and team. He is an asset to God’s great church. Matt, I pray continued blessing on all that you and the team are reaching for in these days!
Mark Stevens, Worship Leader and Pastor, Alive Church Harrogate, UK

Matt’s anointing in worship is evident when he is on the platform with a guitar, when he is teaching behind the pulpit and even now when he has a pen in his hand. With his short deliberate chapters just like the dots and dashes in Morse Code he communicates important information and revelation into a worshipper’s heart. This book will be our Worship Team’s manual and I recommend it for yours also. A hearty “Well done!”, Matt.
Danny Thornton, Senior Pastor, River of Life Family Church, Syracuse, USA

The absolute throb of this insightful book by Matt is purely this: honesty in worship, selfless and servant-hearted worship. I highly and vigorously commend this gritty work as an invaluable resource. It’s not just for worship teams, but for the church as a whole, genuinely and transparently engaging with the heart of the individual, and highlighting the power of ‘one sound’ in corporate worship.
Michael Dalton, Worship Leader, Riversong Music, Australia

Worship Ministry is a high calling, a pressured ministry and one that is highly visible to people in your church. Matt Lockwood is an outstanding Team Leader, Worship Leader, Songwriter and family man. He has an innate ability to listen to others and to God and has always been keen to ask questions and gain new perspectives on life, ministry and worship. Worship Devotions is a comprehensive guide to building a worship team, creating a culture of worship in the local church and provides biblical and practical principles and insights for those involved in worship ministry and for worshippers within the Church at large. Everyone needs to read this outstanding book and apply the principles and ideas outlined in its pages to their own ministry.
David Reidy, Worship Pastor, Teacher and Lecturer, Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia

A fantastic collection of devotionals that really captures the heart, values and vision of a great worship team! A ‘must-read’ for any worship team committed to serving the church and the Kingdom of God in a greater way.
Stephanie Martin-Papp, Worship Pastor, Life Church Poole, UK

Worship of God is not a skill that can be learned, it is an expression from a heart that knows it has been made alive through the perfect work of Jesus Christ. God never teaches us to how worship, He simply is the only One worthy of it. We first met Matt in 1992 when we were pastoring a young church and raising our family. Worship was natural to Matt – it flowed from his heart with ease and authenticity, and with a contagious force that we and the church instantly came to appreciate. His genuine love for Jesus expressed through worship impacted the church family greatly. As you read this book don’t search for tips on how to lead worship but let your heart be impacted with the love, devotion and appreciation for God that truly is at the core of genuine worship.
John & Jo Harris, Senior Pastors, The Nations International Church, Suwon, South Korea

This book contains such nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. Knowing Matt and the Family Church team I know this is also backed up by hearts on fire for God and a passion for God and His glory. This is a must have for any worship pastor or worship team. I know that you’ll get as much out of it as I already have!
Gareth Matthews, Worship Pastor and Assistant Leader, King’s Church, Portsmouth, UK

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