The Journey of a Worshiper – a Learner's Guide, by Branon Dempsey WorshipTeam101

The Journey of a Worshiper – Learner’s Guide


By Branon Dempsey

The life as a follower of Jesus is not confined to the one-hour event each week. The worship of a Christ follower is not restricted to a single song. The walk of a believer is not limited to only a few steps. Life in Jesus is on-going fellowship with God (James 2:23). The purpose of a Christian is not to merely exist for one’s self. It begins and ends with God, and the journey in between is a life of worship.

This guide is designed to be used in a group setting working through The Journey of a Worshiper, a compilation of devotions penned by Branon Dempsey to assist worship team leaders and members in drawing closer to God. Each individual in the group uses this guide as walkthrough for the devotion, with pointers for thought and discussion, and direction for prayer.

This is an ebook, available for download as a PDF. You’ll receive the download link after the purchase has completed.

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