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A good report

In Numbers 13, spies are sent into the Promised Land, and they return with fruit they’ve found and a report of what’s ahead. Two spies – Caleb and Joshua – give a good report, but the other ten spies give a bad report. That bad report spreads like wildfire throughout the nation – around 6 million people – and by the end of the day the whole nation is in uproar against Moses for leading them out of captivity into apparently certain death.

That bad report stopped a whole generation from entering into their Promised Land. The idea of walking into an already populated country and taking it over must have seemed quite strange, at the very least, suicidal at worst. But then, they’d just walked through an ocean on dry land and seen an entire army drown, all for the sake of their rescue and journey into God’s promise.

It is amazing the damage a bad report can do, and how quickly it can do it! Had the nation of Israel chosen to believe God’s promise and follow Moses and their leaders into the Promised Land, there wouldn’t have been a 40-year wait, disappointment and disillusionment. Even those who believed the good report had to live with the consequences of others believing the bad report.

In our teams we must always be careful to avoid the bad report. We must not just speak a good report, we must LIVE a good report. People see our lives, as well as hear our words, and a life lived unfaithfully will give a bad report regardless of the good words spoken. Live a life that displays the good report that the songs we lead convey. Let others see that what we sing on stage, we live out off stage.

Even when things happen that we may think strange or unachievable, let’s keep the good report on our lips and in our hearts. Speak well of our leaders, speak well of each other; but not only that, let everyone else see that that is what you believe by the way you live, and not just words.

A healthy team grows from a good report: Proverbs 15:30 (NLT) “Good news (report) makes for good health”.