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Deep calls unto deep

“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls” Psalm 42:7

Have you ever stood near a waterfall? Not one of those little trickles that wend their way down the side of a hill, glistening in the sunlight – but a high, wide waterfall that is constantly roaring as tonnes of water flow over it every minute. It is deafening, and overwhelming. David must have encountered one such waterfall to be able to express through this verse how his soul responded to God’s outpouring of love in answer to his prayer. Something about standing before that waterfall must have reminded him of the raw, powerful and consuming sense of God’s love.

This wasn’t a shallow experience of God’s presence, and it didn’t come after just singing a few songs and being reminded of a few verses. It came after David stirred up within himself a hunger for God that overwhelmed his soul (verses 1-4). That hunger for God led him to worship and praise God passionately (verse 5), and then he experienced the closeness and realness of God’s presence.

These verses challenge me to ask how hungry am I for God, and how hungry am I really willing to become. Not hungry to get an experience, but just hungry for God. How hungry are you for God? Have things settled into a nice comfortable way? Maybe it’s time to start stirring up a greater hunger for God; not just hungry for His things, or His blessings, or His house, but just hungry for Him. All those other things come along with God, but they aren’t what God wants us to be seeking.

What do you need to do to Stir up a hunger for God, more than you’ve been before?