Courageous Worship Conference EXTRAS!

Courageous Worship Conference

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Thank you for coming to Courageous Worship Conference.

We hope you had a great time and took away lots that will, in the coming weeks, impact and grow your worship life.


As promised at the Conference we have some extras that we want to give you. But first, would you mind taking a short survey that will give us feedback on the Conference and help make next year even better (yep, plans are already underway for Courageous Worship Conference 2016 – we’ll keep you informed).

Session Notes

Secondly, we’ve got the session notes available for you to download, at no charge. Click the links below to download the notes in PDF format:

If you missed out on ordering a CD set of the whole weekend, you can order one right now for just $10 (plus £3.50 shipping) – email River of Life Family Church office to place your order.

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Free eBook!

As a bonus you can download a free eBook, written by Matt Lockwood, called Worship Devotions. It’s packed with thoughts written over a two-year period for his own worship team.

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Courageous Worship Conference 2016

As soon as we have dates fixed for next year, we’d like to let you know and give you a chance to book your place early. Fill in the form below so we can stay in contact, as well as send you new thoughts and articles on worship and leading a worship team over the coming year.

Thanks again!