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Consider the cost

In Luke 14:28, Jesus speaks about the wisdom of not just having a plan, but making sure you can pay the cost required to bring that plan to fruition.

There is a cost involved, for each of us, to walk in what God has called us to – and it’s a different cost for each of us. For us to move forward as a team, we each have to be willing to pay the price that this new season is asking of us. If we see this cost as a penalty, something that impinges on our convenience, then we need to take another look at our vision and get it deeper into our heart and thinking, because when vision has captured your heart you don’t mind what the cost is.

David had a huge vision to build a temple for God in Jerusalem – his words were: “The house to be built for the Lord must be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all countries” (1 Chronicles 22:5, NKJV). That is a big vision – imagine building a complex now that had that statement as its design brief! But that is what we’re building now, with people and changed lives. If we can see what it is God wants to do through us, then the cost becomes inconsequential – who wouldn’t give their lives for something that burnt so strongly in their hearts.

Vision comes with a cost, but if that cost seems too much then we must get back to vision and ask God to burn it deeper in our hearts. Let everything we do flow out of vision.