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Our confidence is not rooted in what we can do, or what we have done before, but completely in who we are in Christ – we are God’s children, we have been completely redeemed, purchased through Jesus’ blood only and NOT by any of our attempts at living right. That confidence comes from making good choices, not excuses.

I can think back to opportunities I missed out on simply because I made an excuse and pulled out, and I know that I’m where I am now because of good choices I made to just trust God and go with what He’d put on my heart. Leading worship is so much about giving the congregation the confidence to worship.

The most encouraging thing anyone has ever said to me about when I led worship was that I gave him the confidence to worship freely. We do that not just through good preparation, but through being confident ourselves, by always holding to the truth that we ARE loved by God, that we HAVE His grace and empowering to do what we’re doing, and that no matter what happens, Jesus is exalted.

We should never be making excuses, just great choices. Those choices lead us into God’s blessing and provision – the excuses just keep us looking on at everyone else getting blessed while we miss out. Choose to live confidently, and embrace whole-heartedly the call to serve and build God’s house, and make God’s name famous.