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The lyrics to Israel Houghton‘s great song “Jesus at the centre of it all” make this value so simple to understand:

“It’s all about You, it’s always been about You, everything revolves around You”

Christ is the centre of all creation, of all that we are, of all that’s been and is to come. For us in the worship team, it’s not a case of “Oh, let’s make this all about Jesus” but of realising that Jesus always has been and always will be at the centre of all things and so we must pull aside everything else – our own ideas, plans, thoughts, styles, experience, knowledge – so we uncover and reveal Christ. Being Christ-centred means losing completely all previous motivations, and finding that Jesus is the very beginning of what we do and why we do it.

Rather than go looking for where we can add Jesus to what we do, we need to stop what we’re doing, throw off our own ideas and creations until we find that all that remains is Jesus, and then start from there, start from Him and let everything we do come from the relationship and revelation of Jesus Christ.

We allow Christ to become off-centre in our lives when we let our own desires, ambitions, ideas and plans take over – even the ones that are actually alright and could produce success and growth. To get back to being Christ-centred we need to let go of all those things, let them drop off like rags and find the source of all we are in Christ, and Him alone.

Your singing, your musicianship, your serving in church – find Christ at the centre of it so that the life of Christ flows out through it.